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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Letting Go (for Mother's Day)

Letting Go

the sword promised Mary

is not hers alone but

belongs to every

mother to whom is

born a child of destiny

which is to say

all of them

having carried as part

of her body

of her very self

the tearing of birth

signals the beginning

of joyful travail which

is the only way to release

and endure - joy being

capacity for what is

only occasionally happy

and so the release

necessary to life begins

small and large losings

on the way to idealized launching

only to realize… 

the connection sustains

the losing persists and 

deepens and spreads

such is the destiny of

a child born turning

outward to a world

needing their unique

selves to share in its saving

and such is the promise of

a sword dividing a Son dying

a mother weeping but…

who would not finally

have it any other way.

He was not the only one

who needed joy to 

endure the cross to

endure the losses to

learn the multiplication

of such division. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday Lament

 Saturday Lament - The Wait of Love

There is light that breaks through the

cracks created when the

weight of love the

wait of love

holds its place

in pain

when the last tear

is cried in the brokenness 

of loss become unbearable but 

which is still borne the 

wait of love

holds its place

when light fades so

completely that night

seems all there ever was

and all the terrors triumph the

wait of love

holds its place

when the last shovel full

of the dirt of burial thuds

into the hole of remains

hope dead and buried the

wait of love

holds its place

when the cracks created by 

the weight of love

begin to glow with the

promise of unimagined new the

wait of love

holds its place

love never fails

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Lenten Lament #74

 Lenten Lament #74

a lonely place

browned over in last year’s harvest

whitened in the covering snows

of forced resting

life hidden so deep

the surface like death

brittle cold fragile

in the dark

wondering if life

is possible again

death seems so…


and then the

smallest sign of swell in the buds

the hint of fresh in the air

a flash of robin red against the dull

a hairline fracture in the mud

suggesting something 

pushing toward light

from darkened life

long nights give way

to equal light 

make way for this 

liminal moment of 

greening signaling 

life triumphs


for those who wait

for those who watch

for those who remember

days of faithfulness

in nights of despair.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Lenten Lament #130

 Lenten Lament - #130

My cry echoes 

bouncing back in my face

from the depths


Deeply aware 

no reason for

response no

rationale for

even hearing


Remembering all

that disqualifies

that argues 

against but

is silenced

by forgiveness

And so…

i wait 

watching in 

deep echoing darkness 

for the hint of hope 

brightening the night

the darkness


with remembered

faithfulness with

hoped for 


i wait 


intent on love 

gleaming in the

thin space 


met with 


more than a

watchman i

wait for the 

morning in 


who can stand?

deep dark


can unfailing



Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lenten Lament - #13

Lenten Lament - #13

How long?

The question lingers

echoing back from

piled up disappointments

discarded dreams

the rubble of might have been

How long?

That it is asked


hope is not


not quite


How long?

Still a spark



a familiar face

wet with

shared tears

How long?

a statement

of stillness

of waiting

of longing

beyond the 


How long?

trust emerges

from under the longing

and leads the praise

joy in a minor key

Your lovingkindness

experienced in

the moment

or not…

the only sufficient


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Lenten Lament - #55

 Lenten Lament - #55 w. #22


familiar friend

Is it I


close companion

Is it I


sharing the cup

Is it I


sharing the bread

Is it I


feet still damp

Is it I


Surely… not

sifted like wheat


Even if they…

i have prayed


Never would I

that faith not fail


failed familiar friend

return and