Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent 1 :: Thanks As Entrance (Luke 1:5-25)

 He was honored
     a once in a lifetime moment
     to stand before the Lord
     bringing the sacrifice

He had carried into that
     holy place his own
     longings – unspoken to any
     but Elizabeth – who shared
     them at a deeper level than
     even he.

His service was interrupted
     by great good news
     His prayers were answered!
     His longing fulfilled!
     His dream come true!

Perhaps long longing made
     it impossible to receive
     without the incredulous
     questioning of an
     imperious angel – who
     brought something a little
     extra. Silence. A long silence.

He could not speak his joy
     because he had not spoken
     his gratitude.

Joy muted is still joy
     but it is not the same
Joy is meant to be shared
     sung – laughed – wept
His was kept silent.

He was unable to enter fully
     into his joy
     His joy
     kept out by
     silence when
     provided entrance.

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