Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pressing In

How difficult
     at the edge
     to know the
          depth . . .

And how hard
     to press in.

Past the surface
     likes and dislikes
     to what lies just
     below - a whole
     new layer of
          likes and dislikes.

And how hard
     to press in.

Past the inner layers
of partial knowing
of satisfied knowing
     that is not knowing.

The knowing of an other
     the journey towards
          demands the
          pressing in
               of the
          persistent heart.

The knowing of the Other
     the journey towards
     intimacy with Him
          demands a
          pressing in
               with all of heart
               soul, mind, strength.

Only then will
     He be found . . . known

Only all
     can carry the
     weight of His
          pressing in.

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