Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Lord's Prayer (A Lenten Meditation - Part Seven)

 "For Thine is the Kingdom,
and the Power, and the Glory. Forever!

More than doxology, more than praise, this is a declaration of an existing reality. In the light of Resurrection Sunday, our prayers have been answered. We do not yet see complete fulfillment, but the Evil One has been defeated and we have been delivered. Temptation has blinked. We have the Bread of Life and forgiveness has become a fact. His will is done on earth and His Kingdom has come.

And so, we celebrate! We sing and shout it from the highest heights to all who will listen. We sing it with the angels. We sing it with all of the creation. The Kingdom belongs to God, our Father - the One in the Heavens! It is His both by right and by victory. Never was the outcome seriously in question - the Kingdom is His. He rules and reigns in majesty. Our song springs from thankful hearts. We know that, because the Kingdom is His, all is well and all manner of things will be well. He is that kind of King. A king all of whose subjects fare well. And what is more, that king has chosen us as His own! We are adopted into His royal family. We share in the Kingdom which is His. We live, now, in the kingdom which is His. We willingly submit all our kingdoms to Him. It is all His.

The exercise of His power and His authority is such as to bring to pass His purposes in the cosmos. The great mystery of God's economy cracks open for just a glimpse at this point and we see that all powers, all authorities, derive from Him. There is no ultimate power except His.

The full, sparkling, shimmering, blinding glory is His as well. There is constant revealing of who He is in Glory. Glory becomes the currency of revelation - it is that which we may see. And when we see, we discover that it is all His. Every glory there is, top to bottom, every essence of being there is, is His! It is all held together in Him! His is the Kingdom, Power and Glory!!

And that is just the way we want it!

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