Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Lord's Prayer - Part 1, Lenten Reflections

"Our Father, Who is in the Heavens,
Hallowed be Your Name."

We sink, deeply, into the ever new reality - we are His. He has made us His own - declared us His children. A privileged identity - shared with whosoever will. The privilege comes, not from having been chosen, but rather from whom the choice comes. Children have no choice, born, as they are, without a part. Fathers choose. We only may call Him Father, by His choice. We are not only taught, we are encouraged, to call Him Father. We sink, deeply, into the ongoing newness of that redefining reality. We are His. And He, is ours.

Matthew's recording gives us a sense of the scope of His being. He is in the heavens - everywhere present - in the space around our ears, as well as high and lifted up. His is not an oppressive presence anymore than is the air we breathe oppressive. His is a life-giving presence. It is in Him that we live. It is in Him that we move. It is in Him that we even exist at all. It is not that God is in everything as much as it is that everything is in Him. Everything is dependent for it's being on Him. He is real. Everything else is only real by association with Him.

This is the great God who has told us to call Him "Father." Not simply as a term of address - but as a term of identification. He in Whom all things are held together, has chosen to be known as our father.

And still, the wonder of real community bubbles joyfully to the surface and effervesces in friendships and family in Him.

No wonder we ask that His name be held in the highest of regard. No wonder that we don't use it lightly or meaninglessly. No wonder that we pause for an awe-full moment whenever we whisper, "Our Father."

And no wonder that we declare the truth of the Name above all others - the Name proclaimed throughout the universe by every star. The Name that is holy, holy, holy.

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