Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Shall I Thank You?

I shall thank You by living gratefully every day of my life. I will train my soul in gratitude by consciously beginning each day with an expression of appreciation for the gift you give in the sunrise. I will return often to the rhythm of thanksgiving by taking advantage of the opportunities each day provides to pause and  give thanks for the beauty that shouts and whispers “Glory”; for the people through whom You love me; for the laughter of children who know secrets I have forgotten; for the gentle signs of your presence in the wind dancing with the blushing leaves; for the chaos of color in fall flowers and falling leaves; and for so much more – everyday miracles.

I shall thank You by enjoying as much of the life you have graced me with as I can, not letting it disappear without notice in the frenzy of my busy-ness. I will choose to work hard when I am working, play with abandon and trust when I am praying, and worship with all of my being in all that I do. I will tune my heart to the underlying anthem, “To God be the Glory.”

I shall thank You by valuing the people who come my way and seeking to see You in them – even the prickly ones. I recognize that not all of my enemies are Your enemies, so I will seek to recognize which is which and, until discernment instructs otherwise, to receive and treat all persons with the dignity and respect I would give to Jesus were I to recognize Him in the disguise of the person in front of me. I will not allow myself the deadly luxury of hating anyone so much as it is in my power and will seek to learn all that I can from those pieces of iron that come hurtling my way in the course of life.

I shall thank You by recognizing and laughing at my vain attempts to control the uncontrollable, to manage the unmanageable, to fix the unfixable, and to corral the uncorralable! I will let You be God and will happily take my place as one of your humble servants and subjects.

I shall thank You by not giving in to the spirit of cynicism which come so naturally to me. Anyone can criticize, so I will leave that, as much as I can, to them. I will give my energies to encouragement and uplift and edification – which seem to me to be more reflective of Your character than mine. So help me, God.

I shall thank You by saying and living “Thank You” for all of my life.


  1. Thank you for giving us these words of wisdom and grace. So help us all...

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Glad to share the journey.