Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The dull, aching heat of summer has faded into the cool mornings and warm afternoons of a Southern California fall season. There are all kinds of reasons why I like living here, but this time of year has to be close to the top of list. To step outside in the early morning and breathe in deeply of the crisp clean is the very definition of refreshing. We are probably not done with heat – but notice has been served, winter is slowly on its way. And in between, this wonderful season of refreshing.

God provides these refreshings equally in many of the seasons of our lives not tied to the calendar. After a season in the searing heat of seemingly overwhelming temptation to despair, a gentle cool breeze blows over the hill of deliverance and we get a hint of what might lie beyond. It is enough to refresh for the next season of struggle.

Sometimes the refreshing comes in a flash during a worship service when all of a sudden what you are singing becomes fully really real. It grips your soul and gives it a playful shake, reminding you Whose you are.

Occasionally while reading the Bible, something leaps off the page and dances on the coffee table right in your living room – and you are caught up in the wonder of a Living God who knew where you would be and what you would need at just that moment.

Every once in a while a conversation with a friend will become charged with the energy of the heavens. A chance comment, a wry remark, a gentle smile – and glory fills the place where you are meeting!

Perhaps a short walk through a familiar neighborhood erupts with the song of the angels in the crushing beauty of a single dew drop clinging to a rose petal – daring you to turn aside and see. And there, learn a new name for God, Who is.

When those moments happen, we need pause and offer our thanks, and give in to wonder.

And, perhaps, consider how we might be a refreshing in the life of some other weary traveler. And pray God that it might be so.

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