Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Shall It Profit?

Rich, fiery skyflame of setting sun
Pink-tinged delicacy of a barely there desert flower
Diamonds sparkling off a crashing wave
Lost to those without eyes to see

Deep, thick, rich stillness of a snowy field
Exploring melodies as birds greet the morning
Leaves gentle dance with a passing breeze
Lost to those without ears to hear

Rough tangled crevices, bark of an ancient oak
One way rasp on the underside of a blade of grass
Comforting warmth, refreshing cool water, textures
Lost to those without capacity to touch

Juicy sweet of fresh ice-cold watermelon
Bitter sweet of velvety dark chocolate
Tangy sweet lemon whipped into creamed delight
Lost to those without capacity to taste

Smokey sharpness of a new fire on cold night
Just there wonder of a new rose
Outrageous audacity of a proud plumeria
Lost to those without capacity to smell

Sudden, startling quickening of new love
Swelling, tearful joy at a child’s accomplishment
Settled, contented rhythm of old love
Lost to those without heart to feel

Wonder at a problem solved, a mystery explored
Satisfaction at a concept grasped, a thought created
Delight in the complex made simple, the simple complex
Lost to those without mind to think

Life requires capacity – expanding, growing, stretching.
Capacity is the gift of soul.

To gain the whole world
     But have no place to put it
     No workshop for wonder
     No place for pondering
What has it profited?

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