Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loving With All . . .

Thou shalt . . .
well - of course
how . . .

How to love
     with all my
     heart, soul, mind, strength
     when I can barely get them
     all in the same room at the same time

Each drawn to their
     own loves
     leaving integration
     to . . .
          whoever is left.

Wholeness beckons
     oh to be one
     the longing is
     all but
          to see
          to feel
          what might  be
     and to not know the
          way home.

And yet there
     in the longing
     is the answer . . .

Love God with
     all your heart
     all your soul
     all your mind
     all your strength

Love for God will be the
     force of integration

Love for God will
     draw me to Him
     to myself
     to you
          and finally

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